Patented, world first, premium beer dispensing system an opportunity existed to make premium bottled beer available to the general public, the only thing missing was the how. In answer to this Chijoff + Co created the Beervault™ - a world first innovation that makes even the most expensive beer accessible to all. By controlling the pressure and temperature, each Beervault™ maintains the beer quality as if it were still in the bottle. Not only has the Beervault™ allowed, anyone to taste any beer, but it has also unlocked the visual beauty that exists in each beer. As a world first innovation, the patent pending Beervaults™ are looking to change the way in which the world experiences premium beer. 


Assessing the viability of a project is done through prototyping and testing. The physical manifestation of an idea lets you determine the effectiveness of the design, in this case proving the feasability of the concept and quality requirements. In total 3 prototypes were developed to acheive the final result. Each one confirmed the viability of the project and allowed the development to continue.

  • Functional Prototype: used to determine the theory and concept is valid.
  • Freshness Prototype: used to determine that the beer remains fresh for a specified period Pre-prod.
  • Prototype: used to refine production and performance.


After developing the concept, detailed design, 3D modelling and technical documentation was undertaken. Robust documentation ensured cost effective parts manufacture offshore through to local assembly, testing and installation.


Each Beervault™ was assembled and tested offsite to ensure a smooth installation. For any project this is where all of the design decisions become reality and are judged. A robust design process combined with detailed technical documentation allowed globally manufactured components to be assembled and integrated with OEM components seamlessly.