Developing products, services or systems rely on a great foundation of ideas and concepts. From the start of the concept development process the initial ideas are assessed and the best solution chosen. From here we undertake a process that seeks to uncover more of the innovation detail.

There are many factors that influence the concept development process. These include elements such as:

  • Physical attributes (size, colour shape, features, etc)
  • User aspects (portability, ease of use, expected price point
  • Manufacturing (potential methods, assembly, disassembly, etc
  • Sustainability (possible materials, processes, logistics, etc)
  • Market intelligence (aesthetic projection, positioning, target demographic, etc)

Often initial prototypes are developed (otherwise known as rough mockups) that are used to evaluate elements of the concept. Often they are made form soft materials such as cardboard or foam to assist a rapid development process. Some of the elements evaluated could include the functional, aesthetic or even how a potential user interacts with the innovation.