Part of any product design/ industrial design process is the need for refinement. Prior to the production of a prototype a design concept is based in theory. Whilst every effort is made to work through the theoretical it is not until you have the physical embodiment of an idea that you can evaluate it. 

The Design Refinement stage takes all of the findings from the prototyping and testing stage and assess which are important or critical to the success of the product/service. It is often through this that you find a product or service being used in a way that was unexpected. This can often lead to exciting opportunities and open up new markets previously overlooked.

The Refinement process makes all of the necessary changes required, which could include:

  • Design adjustments
  • Material updates and changes to specifications
  • Updating CAD models, Bills of Materials and technical documentation
  • Manufacturing guidelines and specifications

Depending on the results found, further prototyping and testing may be required to ensure the design meets the end user requirements. This refinement cycle is the best way to ensure the design performs as expected. Once the desired result is reached the design then progresses to the manufacturing stage.