Headvert® is a new innovation in event branding. Headvert® can now turn any event crowd into your brand ambassadors. Unlike anything on the market place the Headvert® innovation has been designed with a number of key features:

Breakthrough event ownership

The Headvert® allows an entire crowd to be branded with a company message, be it sporting or charity events or music festivals and trade shows. The Headvert® also increases dramatically brand exposure via potential media coverage without any media spend. In addition to the large scale impact the Headvert® enables direct communication with the user via content printed to the underside of the hat. Being full colour printed on all surfaces the Headvert® has created the ultimate mobile branding platform.

Measurable effectiveness

Integrated coupons provide a direct measure of effectiveness as well as potential returns. Coupons can be redeemed during events or post events without impacting the functionality or appearance of the Headvert®.

Social Media connectivity 

Integration of QR codes provides brands with the capability to engage with users via social media platforms.

Delivery Method

Each Headvert® hat comes full assembled and flat packed. Each one takes seconds to pop open and wear providing effective sun protection for any outdoor festival. The compact nature of the product also facilitates for rapid delivery to the end user as well as increased efficiencies in transportation.


The Headvert® hats have been designed with their purpose in mind. Made from paper the hats are 100% recyclable, are produced using soy based inks and have minimised the amount of materials used in their construction.

Headvert® branding

The Headvert® brand has also been created as part of the development of the hat. The work has been a collaboration with REDNOISE who delivered the brand and continue in delivering all of the graphic applications for the innovation.