Coming up with ideas and concepts to solve design challenges is just what makes us tick. We love working with our clients to drive solutions. Through workshops or fast track concept, this collaborative approach reduces time frames and engages stakeholders in the Co create process.

Some of the ideation or brainstorming methods utilized in our product development process include:

  • Body storming
  • Character Profiles
  • Behavioral mapping
  • User Interviews
  •  Rapid prototyping
  • Scenarios
  • A day in the life (putting yourself in the users place)
  • Problem Analysis
  • Backcasting and more

Ideation, or the better known idea generation process, aims to deliver a multitude of solutions to your ideas, problems or opportunities. There are many different ways to achieve a result and exploring the variations allows us to find the most appropriate way forward...often it is the most challenging ideas provide the greatest insights.