Now in its 3rd year, the 2015 Sandcastle Challenge kicks off again this weekend at Fairhaven beach in Victoria. Its been great to see the event grow with participants each year and this year is aiming to be bigger yet again.

The Sandcastle Challenge is a competition like no other. We developed the program for the Design Institue of Australia (DIA) as a new way to engage with adults with design in a meaningful and playful way and the results have just been fantastic. Over the years we've seen numerous teams compete for the coveted golden shovel and more importantly experience a new approach to design thinking. 

In the competition each team has 75 minutes to build the best sandcastle they can using whatever means and tools possible. (heavy machinery excluded). At the end of the time everybody sits back and watches as the tide comes in. After that the demolition begins with each castle taking a battering from the rising tide. Ultimately it is the last castle standing that wins.

Every year challenges think and rethink there designs and approaches. For a simple