We're super excited to see the Airpocket travel organiser go nuts on Kickstarter. Chasing $15K Trish has seen her baby travel past the $43K mark with 15 days to go.  We had a great time working with Trish on the project and helping bring to a reality her concept.  Its still in funding mode so you can still pledge your support by visiting the following link

This is a great example of the market responding to an idea. Until you show people your idea and ask them to put their money behind it there is no way in confirming the demand. Kickstarter and other crowd funding platforms have provided unique platforms for funding that has not been seen before. Now anyone with the right pitch can generate significant funding and in the process prove their concept works and has market buy in.

Who knows what the future holds for crowdfunding but, like Ebay, I think this one has a long way to go and no one can predict just what will happen.