Integrity, integrity, integrity

One of the challenges with crowdfunding is ensuring the integrity of the projects being listed. The system only works when you have projects that when funded move all the through to completion. Without this confidence falls and people stop backing projects.

I wanted to go through my own experiences with Kickstarter and crowdfunding. I have backed a number of projects from small to large. The one that I wanted to talk about today was the Colladjust. This was the first project that I backed and thought the idea really hit the mark as I was encountering these issues. After the viewing the project I decided to back it. What I didn't expect to see is what happened next. 

Over the following year there we few and far between updates that although starting out positive soon became evident that something was not right. What followed was a storm of negative comments that continue today. The very people that had supported the Colladjust and Mathew Hills had turned against him. The images links you to the 100+ comments that are looking for answers (below are just 2)

What this shows is the absolute need for integrity in a project and the people running it. Any backers or supporter can understand challenges that occur in a projects journey to reality. What they cannot stomach is when there is a lack of communication or honesty. The Colladjust project firmly sits in the camp where the majority of backers feel that they have been scammed. Although there may not have been an intention of this to occur from the outset, a lack of communication throughout the project has lead people to feel this way.

What is the greatest disappointment is that through this process a number of supporters have thrown in the towel and refused to support any more projects. Crowdfunding is an amazing new mechanism for ideas to seek the funding they need. Never before have people had access to funding so readily. We as supporters need to be more vigilant on the type of projects that we support as well as the funding sites themselves. They need to ensure that there is ultimately a mechanism that comes into play when there is a documented lack of integrity in a projects execution. After all, if more projects are allowed to fail then we all risk the future of crowdfunding