Its always great to finally get to see your ideas become a reality. Its what we live for, designing, developing and finally the realisation...there's nothing quite like it. Ultimately however it's when those ideas made real are placed into the hands of the user. That's when the true moment happens. When all else fades away and you are left with the only truth, their experience.

Well this week we are that much closer to getting the TACTICA One into the hands of our users as we start production testing. Last week saw the finalisation of the tooling and the first off tool samples start running of the tool. 

Often it takes some adjustment to get things right but we have been working with some master craftsman in our tooling team that have helped deliver a tool that's almost perfect. Our initial samples have been produced delivering excellent results.  

Further adjustments have meant that we are even closer to our production run which is expected this week.