Realising ideas

All great innovations start with an idea. The important thing to note is that no matter what  the challenges the idea was allowed to forge ahead to being realised. This is not an easy task. Throughout the development process reality begins to challenge the thinking and theories. These times become the defining moments, for dealing with challenges whilst maintaining the design integrity is what ultimately deliver great products.

Promises, promises, promises

In every development there are always supporters. Sometimes they are investors, crowd funding backers and even family and friends. Regardless of who they are one of the most important things is the promise, the promise that started it all off and allowed the idea to start becoming a reality.

In our journey to bring Tactica One to reality we started with an idea and a promise. It is one that helped drive us during the development and overcome the challenges we faced. Today we sit ready to start shipping out the Tactica One's to the many supporters of the project. It is our time to deliver on the promise we made some months ago.

Time will now tell if indeed we did deliver on the promise. Ultimately it is up to the supporter and the user to decide. I just can;t wait to see what happens in the next few weeks. Stay tuned...