Since the Tactica One made its debut on Kickstarter we have been asked why we decided to use crowdfunding. Of course there are the obvious reasons around funding but when this is not necessarily the issue, why use crowd funding?

 Just a small selection of the crowdfunding platforms available

Just a small selection of the crowdfunding platforms available

The reason we decided to use crowdfunding was to engage with our customer, our tribe in a meaningful way. Before the campaign all the time was spent researching the problem and developing a solution for it. We tried as much as we could to connect with our users but there was no way that we could have the same impact as we did during and post the campaign. 

What the campaign achieved was an increased level of exposure and interaction with customers from all around the world. We started receiving feedback even before the bottle openers were sent out and when they did begin to land in people's hand the feedback kept coming. And this part is what crowdfunding is all about, the connection with our customer.

Not only has our customer provided valuable insights into our product and how they interact with it but they have also been on the journey with us. In a world where people are inundated with product solutions, having meaningful connections with your customer is paramount. Think about how many product would a customer be intimately connected with from its very beginning...very few.

But how do you create the same type of deeper, meaningful connection within a normal retail environment. It all starts and ends with the story, for the story brings meaning but its meaning must resonate with the customer, and there lies the challenge. The more that we can empathize and understand the more opportunity there is to connect, and to begin your own story with the customer. Loyalty is built on trust and trust is built on a demonstrated history of listening, understanding and honesty.