We are very excited to have one of our new products hit the shelves with the release of the Quest MX speaker series. It is the first audio installation loudspeakers to meet the highest environmental ingress and audio fidelity standards whilst being available at an affordable commercial audio cost.

The MX was designed to “fit in” to any architectural space where typically environments are as unique as their audio challenges. All of the exterior surfaces of the MX are curved allowing a soft distribution of light and combined with the material significantly reduce any light reflection that may occur. The high fidelity audio delivers exceptional performance allowing architects and venue designers to create a seamless full range audio presence.

In addition to the many advancements in audio performance the MX series feature are unique patented mounting system. Known as they QB-1 it delivers replicable positioning accuracy and outstanding weight carrying capacity in a simple, compact form.

After many months of development it’s great to see these advancements hit the shelves.