The WDCD Refugee Challenge is a joint initiative between What Design Can Do, the UN Refugee Agency and the IKEA Foundation. It has called on the global community to submit ideas to improve the lives of refugees in urban areas. 

We collaborated with Green Co Water in their pitch to deliver access to clean drinking water in camp/ urban environments. Typically access to clean water is difficult but with the Pak Flat Tank an a collector this can be achieved anywhere where their is rain.

The images below show some of the concepts that were developed for the challenge. These form the basis of ongoing developments in expanding the effectiveness of rapid delivery of clean water collection and storage to disaster affected areas.

Adapting existing tarp structures into effective water collection devices.

Adaption of IKEA foundation shelter to deliver clean drinking water through compact guttering system. Concept enables reduced transportation footprint in combination with Pak Flat Tank yet rapid deployment on site.

Utilising the natural base created through a combination of Pak Flat Tanks communal structures can be incorporated to provide sheltered spaces for water collection but also community gatherings.