The Studio

The Chijoff+Co Studio hums from an industrial warehouse on the edge of Melbourne city. From here, the product design and development consultancy uses its collective passion to create simple, intuitive solutions that work. Over the years the Studio has been the birth place of multiple 'product babies' for clients spanning a diverse range of industries from medical and consumer products through to food and beverage.


Michael Chijoff

Very much at home in The Studio is Michael Chijoff - the founder and director of Chijoff+Co. Michael is an experienced industrial design and manufacturing specialist. He brings an extensive background covering areas of product development, design education through to manufacturing, supply chain and logistics. He has been awarded local and international awards for his designs and is actively engaged in promoting design. Currently on the Council for the Design Institute Of Australia, Michael also heads up the Industrial Design Practice Group.

Tom Burford-Orr

Tom is our resident international mover and shaker. Having grown up in more countries than most Tom was drawn to the creative side early on.

A broad knowledge of the sciences allows Tom to work with the technical aspects of design to produce holistic solutions. Being a creative problem solver, he has a knack for simple solutions to complex problems.


Richard Benson

Having grown up in a family of architects, designers and engineers it was destined that Richard was going to do something creative. Luckily industrial design was the calling.

With both a product design and industrial design background he's spent time in China developing products  as well as learning the local delights.




To work well is to collaborate, and never a truer word was spoken when they said "Two heads are better than one". For this reason Mike 'keeps company' with a core team of Chijoff+Co consultants who flex and adapt to solve client challenges and create first class, innovative solutions.