The Paper Plane Academy™ is a hands on creative workshop aimed at kids and their families. The Academy has seen over 5000 budding pilots take to the skies both nationally and internationally.

The Paper Plane Academy™  creates an educational experience for families within their community and furthers the creative potential of each cadet. Through play, design, collaboration and all round‘family fun’ via the iconic paper plane, the PPA is designed to inspire, spark the imagination and consider infinite possibilities.

The Paper Plane Academy™ is all about the experience and the reason why all of the events elements were specifically designed. Some of the elements included:

  • Branding -Academy logo, banners, stationary, etc
  • Event installation- interior, seating, tables, etc
  • Website and event management
  • Awards -mission packs for all cadets to take home
  • Event interaction - performance development
  • Sound scape - supporting event soundtrack