Carpeti™ is a manual handling device aimed for the booming carpet industry. To date carpet installers had to use brute force to get carpet into the places where it needed to be laid. Challenges like getting it to the 20th floor of a building meant getting a long roll into an elevator. This is where Carpeti™ changes the game.

Designed with the user in mind, Carpeti™ allows a carpet roll to be folded in half reducing it physical size. Each Carpeti™ unit attaches to a standard trolley thus enabling the roll of carpet to be maneuvered to any location with ease. Once in place the carpet can then be unfolded and rolled out.

Prototyping the Carpeti™ was key to understanding the practical requirements of the user and to ensure the the product to delivered results. Multiple versions of the Carpeti™ innovation were developed, each field tested and providing the user feedback.