Tournament Paintball barrel cover innovation Paintball is one of the fastest growing sports on the planet. Chijoff + Co saw an opportunity to develop a product specifically aimed at the tournament paintball player. The result was a simple innovation that significantly reduced the time taken to change and clean barrel covers. Speed improvements of over 200% were found resulting in rapid changes within 30 seconds. A vital statistic in a time pressured sport.

The QuickChange™ barrel cover also provides addition branding opportunities. Once the QuickChange™  is opened the internal surfaces are available for additional branding or advertising, which was previously unavailable. Also due to the construction of the QuickChange™ the overall surface area available has increased 5 fold.


The strength of any innovation lies in its ability to be protected. Without a level of protection even the most complicated of innovations are rendered helpless and open to reproduction, quickly. The simpler the innovation the faster to market potential competitors can be!

The development of the patent was just as important as the development of the product. Ultimately the strength of the innovation lied in how well the patent was constructed. A good patent allows for a wide range of interpretations of the design outcome - too narrow and your protection is limited.


Quick change was always seen as a way in which to create an opportunity for a market leader. By developing and patenting the innovation, our practice stood to gain the most value through transferring or licensing the patent. Often the best approach is to utilise existing distribution networks that can get the product out there.