Ever wanted to see what some grown ups to could with a sandcastle competition? Earlier this year the Sandcastle challenge was created to explore just that.

Designer from a variety of professions including industrial design, interior design and even some engineers came together on Fairhaven Beach in Victoria to do their best. The challenge was run as part of the Industrial Design practice group for the Design Institute Of Australia. The rules were simple. Each team of 2 had a total space of 2m x 2m and 75 minutes in which to create their sandcastle, the only restriction - no heavy machinery or power tools.

The results were fantastic with 7 teams participating in the pilot program. The 75 minutes went fast with all manner of sandcastles being built. Some teams used wheelbarrows whilst other formwork. In the end the team from Brooking Harper took out the challenge after going neck and neck with the Diggerworks engineering team.

The film was create by Glenn Dixon film maker extraordinaire.